sure as hell doesn’t feel like I’m peti-bouj

just trying to find a way to make money to pay rent and not lose any of the little wealth and opportunity that I have so unsteadily accumulated. it’s not an easy task since my work ethic is shit and I’m not very subservient and all the money is garnered to the top and it’s never gonna just trickle down

my problem is that I’m either an artist not creative enough to be of monetary value or I am a worker being lazy. I don’t dwell on the problem, I do what I can with what I have to make my environment comfortable so that I can raise my child to be an intelligent, well adjusted and enjoyable human

but wtf-ever! what does that matter to this damn society? it’s not important to raise an intelligent person when we need worker bots to man the minutia. you’d think that the currently occuring species wide goat rodeo would be an indication of the ineffectiveness of this practice. mind-wasted beings, poorly managed, doing nothing, dropping left and right

can I not complain, God? am I dumb enough to expect to not be forsaken?

a fair bit of solid living turned fluid has made my brain mush. what was once self sufficient and self reliant, a family unit that was to be used to give each other space to develop, create and contribute has devolved in its expansion into community and government

loose bits of expertise aren’t taught anywhere and learning is done inefficiently, over and over again and without patience

outside of a certain style of society we need to be violent

we fckn heathens!

(irregular sound) - abstract visual poetry

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