One mans dystopia is that same mans myopia

Thumb out their eyes and keep the rage virus spreading.

There isn’t a reason for me to be civil if you’re not going to be civil.

Do you think that I care if anyone thinks that I’m barbaric? We’re the same level of beastly creature. We all encroach on one another. Sometimes it will be violent.

And when it is violent it is a spectacle because we continually forget our violent nature and our society hasn’t yet devolved into the complete calamity of daily attacks. The only reason that we’ve been civil thus far is because our gains over the rest of the world keep us comfortable and unwilling to question our means and modes of existence.

The movement of the people spreads diseases…and impulses.

I’m sure you have enough lived experience to be able to decide on whether or not there are reasons to live a moral life. Figure it out, you’re an optimal entity just for a moment.

Infected, tearing thru the environment defeated and breathless…it’s happening again, the beginning of the end, a claim for less and less awareness.

The lack of investment will lead our land to disrepair. And now there’s a prohibition on sharing wild ideas and deep, meaningful socialization because the financial market’s driving system is versus familial bonds and value sharing among neighbors.

Search for little joys otherwise you may be lost.

It only takes a little bit of tenderness to grow something properly. The intermingling of entitites to evolve symbiosis leaves a little room for optimism.

So have at it but if ur gonna give up just leave.

Antonio A. Gloria (03.22.2021) | | |

(irregular sound) - abstract visual poetry

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