What’s the matter? (Splatter split splat!)

A quick morning expulsion of brain matter overseen by a crescent moon and Venus to make sure it’s all tidy and kind.

Cohesive, I believe is the word that was really emphasized. Make sure you can be understood.

Good fckn luck you asshats, lets see if that ever happens, it’s a god damn plea for food.

No one listens if you beg. You must be atop a perch to be given free shit. Worshipped and adored.

Ordained in ornate trappings, and among the finest women, the drunkard satisfies himself lapping up the sauce while pinching the nipples and slapping the fannies.

Lol, and be descriptive and profane.

Be not offended by the offense taken. Some of the damn ppl don’t know how to take a joke or are uncomfortable with their sexuality and primal nature.

But…what the fuck ever.

It’s fine, (it’s clearly not fine) it’s fine.

Antonio A. Gloria (08.15.2020) | Irregularsnd.com | Patreon Irregularsnd

(irregular sound) irregularsnd.com - abstract visual poetry

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